Monday - Sunday:

9am - 10:30pm

Takeaway / Deliveries:

  Monday - Sunday:

11:30am - 10:15pm




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We urge all customers who want to make a reservation to call 02089530022 during mirzan's opening times


Dear all customers,
As your local Restaurant you all know we are a family run business and try our very best to satisfy you all of our customers, we work very hard and long hours.

We all at Mirzan work with passion, love our job, very confidant of what we do, we treat our customers with respect and really look forward to see them to come back to their (5 STAR) family restaurant and make you feel like you are home every time you come. 

We buy the best quality of supply from our suppliers rather then the cheap products, this is why we have a good reputation in the area. 

For some who are not used to dine out very much and treat our team members with no respect but expect for us to respect to their bad attitude and rude/assaulting manner and those who are willing and used to dine for free with getting away by complaining rather then paying for their food.

• Learn how to dine and respect to your servant rather then treating them like a slave or threat.

• If you have a complain bring it up with the manager but do not mention in-demanding for not to pay, leave it to the maneger to consider as if its your regular visited local restaurant: leave a space for your next visit.

• If you are having a party and willing to do it for free, best to consider doing it at home (remember business premises have cost effective run).

• Think before you make a complaint: 
- we have to buy the food,
- spend time to marinate, 
- spend Electrick to refrigerate 
- spend Gas to cook
- spend time to cook it for you,
- spend time to serve you,
- spend time to wash your plate and detergent 
- we pay to team members
- we pay rent
- we pay Rates 
- we pay Tax
- we had to pay to establish this 
Even a glass of tap water costs money to a business premise. 

Kindest regards
Mirzan Management